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Photo of Australian Visual Artist Matthew Kane

About Matthew Kane

Matthew Kane was born in Australia and spent much of his childhood living in the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, and France. He studied Fine Art at The National Art School in Sydney (1982-1983); Film & Television Production; and later Psychology at the University of New England. He worked in the film industry and developed software, while continuing to create paintings and photography.

Working primarily in acrylic, Matthew’s practice is intuitive in nature. Experimenting and revising as he goes Matthew’s work often evolves in unforeseen and unplanned directions; what a painting may have initially appeared to be becomes completely transformed.

Many works reference recognisable portraits of historical figures. Through Matthew’s process of unravelling and reconfiguration, the initial reference images can become obscured.  The works oscillate between familiarity and ambiguity as the figures are either revealed or concealed through gestural marks. 

Matthew lives with his wife on a rural property in the Pillar Valley (northern NSW) along with two sheep, two small dogs, several chickens, and many kangaroos.


Thom Gallery - Byron Bay

Coldstream Gallery - Ulmarra

Lundberg Gallery - Murwillumbah

Art Shows


2022 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2022


Wild About Wooli Art Show 2021


Bluethumb Art Prize 2017

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